Field of Activity

We aim to achieve the best in form, function and aesthetic appearance. Small incisions, newest materials and operating techniques, special suture techniques and postoperative scar-reducing procedures are used.

Digital radiography
Diagnostic punctions
Second opinions
Preventive consultations

Conservative Treatments
Infiltrations under radiologic control
Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Treatment  ESWT
Lymphatic drainage
Casts, tapes and bandages
Orthoses fittings

Surgical Interventions
open and minimal invasive (MIS) surgery

- Bunion
- Hallux rigidus
- Bunionette
- Deformities of the lesser toes (hammer Toe, claw Toe)
- Metatarsalgia
- Freiberg's disease (Morbus Köhler)
- Morton’s neuroma

- Lisfranc’s joint arthrosis
- Tarsal arthrosis
- Os tibiale externum
- Tendon reconstructions

- Achillles tendon disorders
- Haglund’s deformity and heel spur
- Heel pain
- Ankle arthrosis
- Chopart’s joint arthrosis
- Osteochondrotic lesions (Osteochondrosis dissecans, malperfusion, trauma)
- Coalitio
- Os Trigonum
- Tarsal tunnel syndrome
- Baxter’s nerve entrapment

Corrections of complex foot deformities
- Flat foot
- High arch foot
- Splayfoot

Traumatology of the foot and ankle

Corrections for rheumatoid arthritis of the foot and ankle

Total ankle prosthesis


Minimal incision surgery

Revision surgery

Reconstructive surgery