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We did it! Two FootClinic teams (Laureus Ladies and Laureus Audiorent) cycling the TORTOUR, the biggest multiday nonstop ultracycling event in the world. The race starts and finishes in Schaffhausen, Switzerland,overcoming 1,000 km over several Alpine passes in only two days. The CHALLENGE is a shorter race format of the TORTOUR. It takes solo riders and teams between 18 and 24 hours to complete the approximately 525 km and nearly 7000 metres of climb. Going on day and night, the race is the ultimate challenge for racers and the crew.
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In 2016, EAHF carried out another mission to Nishni Tagil, Russia, in order to support orthopaedic surgery: complex shoulder, hip joint and feet operations  and re-operations including consulting of a large number of patients as well as different presentations of three most experienced Swiss orthopaedic surgeons (Dr. C. Sommer, foot surgery). The Ural Clinical and Rehabilitation Centre is a new, huge multidisciplinary hospital with orthopedic surgery being one of its key specialties. The style of teaching and education of EAHF, which is widely known in Russia, stimulated this Centre to ask for support in orthopedic surgery.


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National Scouts Jamboree "contura"



Dr. Christian and Marketa Sommer were working as physicians for the national scouts jamboree "contura" 2008 with 25'000 scouts.
Brazil Football Camp

Dr. Christian Sommer was part of the medical team in Weggis/Lucerne. Together with the brazil medical team, he took care of the Brazil National Football Team during their training camp in Weggis in May 2006.