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The book "Operationstechniken in der Fusschirurgie"  is a valuable guide for all surgeons who wish to practice and to perfect foot and ankle surgery. The existing literature is extensive but not practical enough on the practical needs of the operative specialist. This book describes the most important and most reliable operations of the forefoot, middlefoot and hindfoot and shows the techniques of regional anaesthesia. It takes the reader into the operating room, leading him step by step through the operations and giving practical tips and tricks. All steps are illustrated with drawings and high-quality photos.

Springer WienNewYork, December 2011 (see Links)


The book “Fusschirurgie – ein praktischer Leitfaden” explains footsurgery in a clear manner to practicing doctors, therapists and patients. The first part contains basics of anatomy, diagnostic procedures and foot disorders. It is followed by a chapter of conservative and surgical procedures with special attention to risk factors, success rates, cures and activities in and around the operating room. Modern techniques of fixation, bandaging and casts as well as physiotherapeutic exercises for the foot are demonstrated. An individual check-list and a personal schedule make a well-rounded closing of this subject.

Springer WienNewYork, July 2006, Second Edition October 2009 (see Links)