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C. Sommer, MD, "Operating Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery" German Edition, Springer WienNewYork
C. Sommer, MD, “Footsurgery – a practical Guideline” German Edition, Springer WienNewYork
Medibook "Hallux rigidus"

Pyramid Clinic at the Lake, Zurich and
Merian Iselin Clinic, Basle
Hirslanden Clinics
Hospital "See-Spital" in Kilchberg, Zurich
Practice of Surgery, Dr. L. von Moos, Meggen

Клиника стопы - Хирургия стопы на самом высоком уровне
Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Canada
EurAsia Heart represents a Swiss Medical Foundation on a voluntary basis
Zurich Insurance, MedicalPoint-Partner
Swiss Podiatrists Association

Eye Specialist in Meggen
medical walking aids