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July 2018: Affiliation at the Practice of Surgery, Dr. L. von Moos, Meggen



March 2018: Opening of the FootClinic in Basle, Switzerland



Laureus Foundation Switzerland - TORTOUR

We did it!
Two FootClinic teams (Laureus Ladies and Laureus Audiorent) cycling the TORTOUR! Help us with the fundraising for the Laureus Foundation. The fundraising goes directly to the project Laureus Metro Sports by Blindspot:

TORTOUR is the biggest multiday nonstop ultracycling event in the world. The race starts and finishes in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, overcoming 1,000 km  over several Alpine passes in only two days. The CHALLENGE is a shorter race format of the TORTOUR. It takes solo riders and teams between 18 and 24 hours to complete the approximately 525 km and nearly 7000 metres of climb. Going on day and night, the race is the ultimate challenge for racers and the crew.